Causes and Repairs for Attic Leaks

Attic insulation:

Attic insulation is obvious important when it comes to energy bills. Small leaks surrounding all doors and windows allow cold air to enter a home with or without wind based on the openings along the highest ceilings in the home.

If hot air rises (chimney effect) and you are heating up air on a cold day, it rises. If you have holes in your ceiling, lights, Knee wall closet (in cape with closets upstairs), air will shoot through these holes, through attic and outside, literally sucking air in from all exterior walls at bottom level of home. Remember Hot air balloons have holes in the bottom that mean nothing, until the hole at the top is opened (chimney effect). This issue is vital to the elimination of the most damaging roof leak, The Ice Dam.

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Other Common Roof Leak Situations

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