Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a free roof estimate and a leak analysis?

With analysis we combine the facts about leaks, along with experience from over 20,000 leak repairs to custom tailor a repair for a particular customer’s needs. We help way the savings vs. the possible loss, so the customer can make an educated decision on how to repair (or replace) problem area.

Proper leak diagnosis requires constant updating of current and past storms’ wind patterns, wind strengths and type (size) of condensation. The hardest and / or trickiest leaks or leaks involving numerous possibilities all can be defeated and/or narrowed down by using the weather information in correlation to the leaks frequency (occurrence). Being able to eliminate numerous possible leak causes just by analyzing past weather, saves time and material. The frequency of a leak with relation to wind is one of the biggest factors in leak repair. Most leaks come and go, according to wind direction and velocity. Some leak all the time. Some people live in geographical locations where the topography of the land magnifies the forces of nature. The science of leaks along with the commitment to fix all leaks, has helped Leak Stoppers evolve from a small repair company into a full service roofing, siding and water-proofing company, able to do any size job. After 13 year in business, we are the top rated repair company on Angies list with spotless licenses in Nassau, Suffolk counties along with an A+ rating with the BBB. We carry workmans comp and 2 million dollar liability for roofing, siding and carpentry work.

What should I know about the roofing manufacturer warranty?

The manufacturers of ALL roofing material companies warranty their roofs only if done on a home that is fully up to code. After years or leak diagnostics, we estimate that over 90% of the Roof systems installed today do not have the necessary soffit venting, insulation or exhaust ducting. Soffit vents (intended to introduce air into an attic) are non-existing and in most cases not working . Vinyl and aluminum soffits have plywood over them from original construction keeping air from getting through to attic. Other attics have too much (stuffed in eaves) or not enough (old and thin) insulation. Half of the bathroom fans in homes blow steam and heat into attics (this causes condensation, ice damming, wood rot, leaks). These flaws immediately void all manufacturers’ warranties and eventually lead to roof sheathing and shingle damage causing eventual leakage.

The introduction of forced hot air heating systems and automatic humidification systems in attics can leak heat and moisture causing similar problems and voiding the Manufacturer warranty.

Attic staircases, doors, pull downs and excessive high hats (old recessed lights) also can offset attic ventilation, causing void to material warranty.

What does the roofing manufacturer do about this?

On separate literature they put in writing, the limitations part of all warranties. This is there by design to protect the manufacturer from bad installations or variables that can harm a roof built under today’s (current) building code. Seasoned shoppers (those that have had bought bad warranties before) will read the limitations of a limited warranty. As mentioned earlier, even educated consumers might assume they are up to code, but without a thorough inspection most are mislead or lack a full understanding of all the variables.

What do roofing estimators do about this?

Most do nothing. They either don’t care (short term salesman or business) or do not know. A free estimate on a roof is usually just that. Anything more can be costly and/or confusing.

What do we do at Leak Stoppers Inc. about this?

We inspect all aspects of roof, flashing, chimney, skylight, window, attic and heating system to ensure nothing is missed. If something is missed, all is at stake. We plan on being around a while, so we are protecting ourselves as we protect you.