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Ice dams:

Ice damming is a direct result of improper attic ventilation, exhaust ducting and insulation. Ice dams are formed when snow melts and freezes to ice at the edge of the roof.

The internal temperature of your attic is the real issue. Heat, high hats, bathroom fans exhausting into attics, leaking attic staircases, leaking air conditioning and heating units (in attic), and heat radiating through insulation all contribute to warming up the attic.

Without proper attic ventilation, attics can be as warm as 50 degrees on a 20 degree night! The best roofing systems will have a hard time keeping the water out. Ice/water shield, Lifetime roof systems and the best 2nd and 3rd generation roofing companies are no match for what Mother Nature is capable of.

What we do to eliminate Ice Damming:

We have created soffits on homes without overhangs, installed low lying louvers, ridge vents, attic baffles, attic exhaust fans, Attic vents, duct tape, insulation and thousands of miles of Weatherwatch ice/water shield to protect hundreds of homes with protection from and the elimination of ICE DAMMING.

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Other Common Roof Leak Situations

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