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If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please note the following fees:

Free Complete Roof Replacement Estimate
To expedite your FREE Roof Replacement Estimate, please fill out this customer questionnaire, including Address and contact information. One of our technicians will use satellite and aerial photos to provide a preliminary estimate based on pitch and square footage. This advanced information (using technology) helps to compute materials pricing (* and base roof replacement pricing), in advance of our in-person attic, roof, decking and venting inspection. This makes for quick final accurate proposal that can be computed and printed at a scheduled inspection with Customer sit down and full explanation of warranty/detail options.

Free Remote (VIRTUAL) Leak Repair Estimate
For your most accurate leak assessment (including exact pricing), we recommend our FULL SERVICE Leak Analysis. This Remote service is mainly to limit contact for Covid vulnerable neighbors that need to practice social distancing. For customers leery of paying $125 for an estimate because you think you know what you need, send us your plan and we will let you know if you are right. Free consults are available within 48 hours via email after you provide data for us to assess.

In Person Full Service Leak analysis:
In PERSON Roof inspection including on the roof pictures, on the spot EXACT PRICE LEAK REPAIR PRICING (*NOT ESTIMATE) with Leak Repair warranty in a detailed written (typed/emailed) proposal from a Certified technician, working under remote supervision and instant authorization of John the company founder and owner.
For Emergency and Same Day leak services ($125 SERVICE FEE):, please fill out this form.

To Create your best (most accurate) leak assessment, DATA is needed. We need you to answer as many questions in the questionnaire that you can along with providing close up and distant pictures (**We understand pictures of the roof are not easy so do the best you can even if from your yard). 50% of assessments’ computations/ leak theories come from Data in the questionnaire and how it relates to the current weather patterns, so provide what you can (SAFELY), and we will let you know if a service call is necessary before we can give a PRELIMINARY FREE ESTIMATE. Internal pictures (close and far) also can be very helpful (especially under/inside a leaking skylight’s tunnel.