Long Island Window Leak Repairs

Window Leaks

Most window leaks are not actually the window that is leaking. The leak occurring at the top of a window usually is coming from the window, gutter or skylight above. Leaks only seen at the bottom of a window may be a result of poor caulking (on a replacement window) or clogged weep holes (drains in vinyl sill or in bottom of storm windows). Understanding the frequency of the leak can help determine if the leak is on the roof/gutter (the get wet every time it rains) or if is on the wall/window (these only get wet when the wind blows a certain way). Some windows have flanges (Anderson, Velux, etc.) and some just get caulked in (vinyl replacement). Flange windows utilize the house wrap to keep water out. Vinyl replacements rely on the existing window frame (wood, metal capping, etc.) and existing housewrap usually with different caulked seams.

Other Common Roof Leak Situations

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