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How long does a roof take to complete?

Most roofs are completed in 2 days (up to $12,000 in roofing per day is possible using our in house premium installation crew)

How does a Standard 10 year LIMITED Workmanship warranty with 50-year non-Prorated warranty work? What is covered?

If you use a certified installer and they register your roof with GAF or Owens and Corning, the manufacturer will provide service to repair any leak within 10 years.  At year 10.5 they will do NOTHING for You. You will need to hope that the roofing company you picked has survived (9 out of 10 roofing companies fail within 10 years as their insurance audits catch up to them).  If the roofing company doesn’t do repairs (fix leaks), they may tell you ‘we do not do repairs and the warranty is up…’

If your roof leaks at year 18 or 24 and you call my company to fix your ‘Lifetime roof’ (that we didn’t install), we may find that the soffits on your house are not properly vented or that your bathroom fan has been pumping into the attic for 30 years.  You might have rotten wood and rusting nails. This is where the ‘LIMITED’ part of your warranty comes in. The LIMITED warranty is several pages of fine print stating numerous reasons why a Lifetime warranty is VOID. Most common reasons happen to be bathroom fan venting, non-galvanized nails, improper nail placement, lack of fresh air into the attic (soffit venting) to compliment a RIDGE VENT.  Missing TEKOs, poorly fastened sheathing, air leaks into attics resulting from old recessed lighting, leaking attic access doors… are all LIMITATIONS in the LIFETIME warranty.

So basically both the labor and material warranties are void from the day the roof is completed on 9 out of 10 homes, because of pre-existing failures in today’s code.  Now you know why the warranty is SO GREAT. Did you really think an American Corporation was going to replace your whole roof (labor and materials included) in 49 years if the material fails?  HAHA. Look at their past 6 class action lawsuits.

What is the difference between a Leak Stopper 25-year Workmanship and a G.A.F. Golden Pledge Limited 25-year Workmanship warranty?

A Leak Stopper Warranty covers defects in Workmanship for 25 years.  There are no limitations and we do not have a staff of lawyers. If a leak or damage occurs resulting from anything roof related, we cover it.  Failures to skylights (manufactured products not made by Leak Stoppers) or adjacent siding and windows (not worked on) are not covered unless we specifically work on those items.

A Golden Pledge LIMITED Workmanship warranty covers labor to repair defects in workmanship as long as there is soffit venting, proper bathroom exhaust, no interior air leaks into attic… just like the material Limited Warranty.  Leaks from skylights, chimneys, adjacent siding, flashing or windows are not covered.

Why is our Workmanship Warranty more effective than a Golden Pledge Limited Workmanship warranty?

Because they do not fix the soffits and bathroom fans, most Golden pledge roofs are destroyed from the inside out due to condensation.  We only offer our 25-year Workmanship warranty when we know the roof warranty can hold up, by venting bathroom fans out through roof, weather-stripping attic doors, wrapping ducts with duct tape and most importantly we correct soffit venting to create fresh air or utilize Smart Vent technology.

Are skylights, chimneys, ice-damming or leaks at joints where roof meets siding covered under the manufacturers LIMITED Warranty?

None of these items are covered under the LIMITED WARRANTY.

Are all roofing manufacturers the same? Is there a better type of roof?

Roofing has been and still is created from similar (the same) products for decades.  Today leading manufacturers utilize fiberglass matting as a core.   They drizzle hot asphalt (likely of similar chemical composition) over the fiberglass. Ceramic pebbles (from 3M) are sprinkled over hot asphalt.  A machine cuts the sheet into 4 pieces, gluing 2 pieces together to create 2 different shingles (from the same roll of fiberglass). This mating of 2 pieces to create a shingle is why today’s roofing is ‘Laminated’.  This mating of material creates a 1-centimeter-wide ‘Common Bond’ where nails are designed to be placed. Most manufacturers of laminated roofing call for 6 nails to be placed on this line (common bond). This small nailing line (a line of chalk) is difficult to hit with the fat stubby end of a nail gun, resulting in high nailing or low nailing.  Missing the line voids the Limited Workmanship warranty. In some instances, nail guns will miss-fire or over drive the nail, causing a blow through. Yes, that is a hole in the tile. Most roofers today have their men install 6 nails per shingle to satisfy requirements for a 130 MPH LIMITED Wind Warranty. I know first-hand how hard it is to install nails 8 inches apart on a line without any nails being under the factory seam (every 3 feet on each row).

Owens and Corning identified these problems with poor workmanship resulting from an almost impossible installation requirement.  They have an exclusive Patented product that they have added to the roof shingle to address these issues that allow for so much worker error.  Their product is a Sure Nail Fastening Strip. This fabric is placed at the common bond. It is almost 1 inch wide. The Sure Nail fabric is so strong it cannot be penetrated by nails (a nail gun), allowing for increased air pressure, eliminating blow-thru or nail pops.  It is so strong that my men only need to install 4 nails per shingle to receive the 130 MPH LIMITED Wind Warranty.

What limitations are there in the WIND Warranty?

Proper nail placement and proper air temperature at the time of installation are critical when protecting from high winds. If a roof is installed from October thru March in the North-East, temperatures may not get hot enough (70 degrees) to flatten and self-adhere the tiles together. We always recommend waiting till spring in this scenario when possible. If a roof is necessary to protect a home and Guarantee a leak repair, the homeowner is made aware of this risk and we use heat from roof torches to flatten and manually adhere tiles (minimum temperature of 40 degrees is necessary to ensure nail penetration without asphalt cracking). ***The manufacturer requires manually sealing every shingle using roof cement during installation under 70 degrees. This can get expensive and messy. If the topography allows for strong winter winds (in an open plain or on a bluff) a double ply heavy duty tarp over existing roof until Spring will be recommended to avoid damage to a NEW ROOF.

Is my job being sub-contracted out?

At Leak Stoppers all repairs and Premium roof installations are performed by Our seasoned employees.  On large roof projects we will hire a Subcontractor for Demolition. We use ‘Demolition Specialists’ as they are a fully licensed and insured contractor that specializes in demolition.  Scott’s people know how to protect the landscape and home from this very important and dangerous task. This leaves my higher priced and highly skilled employees fresh for the installation.  With no dumpster in the street or driveway, the old roof is stripped and carted usually by 11-12 AM allowing Leak Stopper mechanics the ability to start roof installation by 8-9 AM. This eliminates the need for tarps as the roof that is stripped will be replaced by the end of the day.

By popular demand (**New for 2020) we will offer a basic Lifetime Roof installation managed by Leak Stoppers but installed by our new Cub-contractor.  Customers with short term plans (usually 10 years or less) for their home can save on this discounted roof. With the savings associated with Sub-contracting, the Full Roof insurance and Liability of our 20-year Company, Supervision of installation by our in house supervisor and Service from our award winning service department you get 10 years of full protection on a lifetime Product.  **25-year Service plans (Workmanship warranties) on lifetime roofs are still available through our premium installation crew (All in house mechanics with minimum 5-years’ experience at Leak Stoppers).

Can roofs be installed during the winter?

Some materials can be installed, but some can fail due to cold temperatures. Shingle roofs do require warmer temperatures (I like 70 degrees or more) to soften tiles (so they lay flat) and activate the adhesive. Heat activating the adhesive is necessary for proper adhering and is part of the LIMITED Warranty. Most flat roof materials also require warmer temperatures for proper adhering. Moisture content (in the air), temperature and age of contact cement are huge factors with most low-slope roof installations. It is for this reason that Leak Stoppers installs Firestone APP 180 low slope modified bitumen. This material is applied with heat from a torch. This eliminates installation flaws resulting from cold temperature, moisture, contact cement failure and movement of material during curing period. The torch can heat up material in temperatures as low as 35 degrees as it dries the air (even if there is a minor mist) while creating an instant molecular weld (eliminating seam failure) in the modified bitumen creating one solid sheet.

Is there a dumpster or a dump truck? How long will it be on site?

Leak Stoppers uses a landscape size dump truck for most roofs.  This truck leaves with the men at the end of the day. No debris is left at the job overnight.

What if it rains during the job?

We do not install new roofs with rain in the forecast. If a pop up shower surprises us, we always have a large heavy duty tarp on site.

Will my landscaping be damaged during the job?

We use plywood protection, heavy duty tarps (to create slides), magnets, blowers and rakes to protect and collect debris.

Are there any extra costs that can be incurred during a roof job?

With all roofing jobs there is a possibility for wood repair (under the tiles). This is hard to estimate without roof removal. Replacement of sheathing is normally $65 per sheet of CDX plywood additional after 3 sheets that are included. Our estimates include inspection of interior of attic, attic soffit venting, access doors, bathroom fans…Our repair experience along with our roofing installation experience helps avoid other “Surprises”.

What is the difference between a FREE ESTIMATE and a Leak Diagnostic (with an $85 service fee)?

A Free estimate is given by a salesman that sells a product.  Customers know what they want and the salesman in this case measures the roof, multiplies by the companies sq. ft. price and explains why their company is the best.  The roof salesman gets 7-10% commission when they sell a roof and it is not the owner. Like a car salesman, these men know nothing about service. They sell product.  The warranty is for the product only.

A leak analysis is given by an expert technician that utilizes detective techniques to determine if a leak requires a new roof, a skylight repair, skylight replacement, poor venting, wood rot, poor installation of siding/wall flashing, condensation due to high moisture content resulting from automatic humidification, ice damming…They do not come with Samples.  It is not about a ‘5 Part System’.

At Leak Stoppers over 90% of leak analysis is done by the owner, John O’Connell.  With the most experience he is the Leak Stopper. Brian Lawrence, the company’s operations manager assists when John can’t keep up, when he is away with family or if people need ‘Same-Day Emergency Service’.  Brian’s 15 years at Leak Stoppers and John’s 17 years of Leak-Free repairs has taught them much more than they could ever have imagined.

With analysis we combine the facts about leaks, along with experience from over 20,000 leak repairs to custom tailor a repair for a particular customer’s needs.  We help way the savings vs. the possible loss, so the customer can make an educated decision on how to repair (or replace) problem area.

Proper leak diagnosis requires constant updating of current and past storms’ wind patterns, wind strengths and type (size) of condensation.  The hardest and / or trickiest leaks or leaks involving numerous possibilities all can be defeated and/or narrowed down by using the weather information in correlation to the leaks frequency (occurrence).  Being able to eliminate numerous possible leak causes just by analyzing past weather, saves time and material. The frequency of a leak with relation to wind is one of the biggest factors in leak repair. Most leaks come and go, according to wind direction and velocity.  Some leak all the time. Some people live in geographical locations where the topography of the land magnifies the forces of nature. The science of leaks along with the commitment to fix all leaks, has helped Leak Stoppers evolve from a small repair company into a full service roofing, siding and water-proofing company, able to do any size job.  After 20 years in business, we are the top rated repair company on Angie’s List with spotless licenses in Nassau, Suffolk counties along with an A+ rating with the BBB. We carry NYS Roofing workmen’s’ comp and a 3 million-dollar liability policy for roofing, siding and carpentry work. Notice we have never changed our licenses or corporate name in all our years.  Please research us and our ‘competitors’ so you can see the difference yourself.

Important Questions Not Being Asked

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What experience or skills are necessary to be considered for “Master Elite” or “Presidents Club”?

Experience is not a factor. The only criteria for being ‘Master Elite’ is that you promise to buy $500,000 in GAF products for the year.

‘Presidents Club’ is for companies that sell the most ‘Designer roofing’

When Leak Stoppers became the roofing company with the most ‘A’ ratings on Angie’s list we were denied entry into the “Master Elite Club”. When I argued that our company should be let in on the basis we are the best mechanics with the best repair reputation, the regional manager for GAF said ‘John. You need to stop fixing leaks. You have a great name and reputation, but you need to sell more roofs.’ I explained how my success and reputation was a result of honesty and I would not change my business plan and promise $500,000 in roof material purchases. Disappointed but helpless, we tried to sell more roofs only to find that the majority of Master elite roofers were using sub-contractors to perform all work, using un-marked trucks and temporary corporations to avoid Liability Insurance and Roofing workers comp. Realizing how most companies were installing roofs at a price under our cost with numerous flaws, we decided to concentrate on repairs and Install new roofing for customers that were interested in long term warranties (from a company with a SERVICE DEPARTMENT). This is when leak Stoppers teamed up with Owens and Corning to sell lifetime Duration roof systems with a 25-year NO-LEAK Warranty. A better product, installed by better employees working directly for Leak Stoppers, in Leak Stopper uniforms, in Leak Stopper trucks with 3-million-dollar liability policy and Roofing Workers comp.

What is the real cost (sale’s commission) of a FREE Roof Estimate?

The average roof cost on Long Island is around $10,000.  The commission for a roof salesman is 10%. That makes a FREE estimate cost $1,000.  A man measures the roof, multiplies and seals at the kitchen table. 2-3 hours is average and the cost is $1,000.  How is that free? When the trade was respected, customers would get 3 estimates from local roofers. Prices averaged $6,000 and the commission was 7% ($400 commission).  Today, people don’t know who to listen to and prices can range from $6,000 to $13,000 for the same house. This creates insecurity and confusion. For some consumers, it takes 8-10 Free estimates to find someone you can afford (or has mislead you to believe their product was the same).  So the Salesman actually gets $1,000 for 8 (the average) FREE estimates given. What a waste!!!

If you plan on being in your home for less than 10 years, call GAF they have 500 CERTIFIED guys, there’s not much to lose.  If you plan to be in your house more than 10 years, Call Leak Stoppers. We will service you past 10 years and do everything we can to keep you leak free for up to 50 years.

Why do most roofing companies not perform roof repairs?

Most companies lack the ability to properly diagnose a leak.  This would open up the door for customer complaints and a bad internet rating.  When your company does a roof a day ($10,000) using 1 large roof crew and 1-5 salesman that only sell roofs there is no-one for small jobs.  The salesman simply put tar on stuff for almost nothing, so when it leaks again you call them (such nice guys). When you call they answer, come back in the evening when you and other half are home to Sell the 5-part LIFETIME SYSTEM the way their boss (GAF) has trained them.

Why is it important for customers to pay for a Leak diagnostic fee?

It is important to pay for a leak diagnostic fee as this ensures you get what you need.  If a salesman is selling things you do not need, they unfortunately will try to sell you their service or item anyway.

If you have to pay for your analysis, that means all other customers have to pay for theirs as well.  This ensures you do not have to pay for other customers’ estimates.

What is the biggest benefit to a service fee vs. a Free estimate?

Free estimates are given to Salesman trained to sell big products, usually new.

A Service technician is well experienced with the failure of the salesman’s product or common workmanship failures with a given product, quickly knowing how to identify and SERVICE a failure.

What is the advantage or disadvantage to using 6 nails per shingle vs 4 nails per shingle? (based on both materials having the same 130 MPH wind warranty)

  • Surenail fastening strip ELIMINATES Blow Through
  • Increasing the Air gun air pressure decreases chance a nail sticks up (not fully driven) without driving through the tile (blow through).
  • more holes = more possible points of entry (50% GREATER CHANCE OF FAILURE)

What experience is required when becoming a certified installer?

Unfortunately, manufacturers are only interested in selling their product.  Anyone that has a company that has been active for more than 1-2 years can take an open online test to certify a company.  Passing the open online test and paying $500 gets you certified even if you do not have roofing insurance. You can be a handyman or a general contractor and still get certified.  There is no experience necessary and no tests are given to test our knowledge on roofing. It’s sad.

What is the difference between a Full Service Roofing – Siding and Tin smith shop vs. a G.A.F Certified Roof Installer (or Master Elite Contractor)?

Full Service includes roofing, siding, windows, flashing, wall vapor barrier, attic venting, attic insulation, vapor barriers… as they all work together.

A Certified Roof installer is only expected to do the roofing part of the complete system.  They are not trained in attic venting, vapor barrier, condensation, advanced flashings, chimney pointing, skylight styles, ice dam prevention…

What factors cause roofers to have a wide range of roof replacement costs?

  • Is there Proper insurance (that covers roofing and has all employees listed on the Workers comp)?
  • Is there office staff (secretary to answer phones)?
  • What is the Level of labor that is employed (paid for)?
  • Brick and mortar vs. fly-by-night (2000 sq. ft. warehouse full of 20 years in materials and equipment or mom’s driveway?)
  • Is the roof sub-contracted or are there Full-time Employees?
  • Is the company 20 years old or 2 years old?

What pre-existing factors may cause a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty or LIMITED Workmanship warranty to be null (VOID)?

  • Moisture entering an attic from a drafty attic door
  • Moisture from a bathroom fan that is pumping into the attic
  • A lack of soffit (Intake) venting
  • Poor (low) roof slope

How can a consumer protect themselves from Contractors that are unaware of these Limitations?

  • Read through our entire website and educate yourself.
  • Consult with us before you hire anyone.

Do Roofers and Contractors carry different Worker’s Comp and Insurance?

Yes.  New companies have nothing to lose.  In 1999 we had the minimum $300,000 liability (handyman policy to cover the owner) required by Suffolk county to get licensed as a contractor.  Our comp was nothing as the owner exempted himself as the president of the corporation. 20 years later we now carry a $3,000,000 liability policy to cover us as our jobs are not always small repairs and we have 10 Full Time Employees covered under NYS Workers comp under ROOFING.

What can happen if a Contractor is not insured properly?

If something goes wrong that they are not covered for, they are back charged the premium of that uncovered trade under NYS workers comp and their liability insurance drops them refusing to pay the homeowners insurance company reimbursement.  In some cases, homeowners’ insurance may also deny the claim siting the hiring of improperly insured contractors.

Workers of these uninsured contractors that are injured can sue a homeowner to recover losses not paid through the contractors’ insurance.

Do all roofers replace all flashings?

The common term in our industry is ‘Replace flashing as needed’.  Copper lasts 100 years and aluminum is known to last 60-80 years. If your home is not that old, you’re not going to get new flashing as it is ‘not needed’.  1 out of 10 contractors will state ‘Install new flashing’.  

I estimate no more than 1 out of 5 roof jobs gets new flashing. Unfortunately, half of these men possess the integrity to replace the flashing but lack the knowledge (experience) to replace it behind the vapor barrier and make it work with windows and crickets.

Questions From John O’Connell (owner of Leak Stoppers Inc.)

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Can you afford to replace your lifetime roof in 15 years?

No way!!  Who budgets $10,000 (average) to replace a Lifetime roof system.  So why do you only get a 10 year LIMITED Warranty or a LIMITED Material Warranty?  Can you get a NON LIMITED Warranty?  

Leak Stoppers gives a 25 year NON Limited Workmanship Warranty.  If your roof fails within 25 years due to improper installation, we fix it. PERIOD **Roof has to be installed with proper attic intake venting, insulation and flashing for this warrantee.

Would you buy a new car from a dealer that did not have a service department?

No way. Cars are too valuable. If they break you need it fixed right away. And why is it failing? Can’t the service department figure out common problems and fix them with re-design or a re-call to make the car better? Yes, they can and do. That’s service. Without service, engineering and redesign cars would never get better. SAME GOES FOR ROOFING!!!

Can a roof installation company (one that does not offer estimates on repairs) have the same knowledge and ability to install a problem free roof system as a full service roof installation and repair company?

Not a chance.  I started this company after learning the trade from 3 different ‘roof mechanics’.  I considered myself one of the best at that time as I had worked for ‘Expert Leak Finders’ for years as a top producer.  Now I knew my old boss dealt with un happy customers and complaints but it wasn’t until I was the owner that I realized how very unhappy some customers were with my short comings.  I was forced to figure it out or GET OUT. I chose to figure it out. Throughout the last 20 years’ mother nature has humbled me time and time again. Fortunately, I never gave up. I chose to figure it out.  I owed it to those customers whose leaks were harder (tricky) to not let them down. The lessons I’ve learned are priceless. There is not much that can go wrong that we haven’t been challenged with. When others fail we succeed.  I’ve been told ‘You’re not the first guy…’ many times and my response is always ‘But I’ll be the last!!’

Without service, it is impossible to have the best installation.  Experience and triumph over leaks trumps a multi-generation Roofing company, Architect, Engineer, manufacturer or moisture meter any day

Why do people feel a LIMITED Warranty from a multimillion dollar company is a good thing?

Poor regulation has led to many unqualified and unprofessional contractors over the past several decades. As work deteriorated, customers lost faith in the average contractor. Most guys go out of business or just don’t know how to fix their errors. This opened the door for a manufacturer’s LIMITED Workmanship Warranty. At no cost to the manufacturer (the warranty program is separate from the retail material cost) the manufacturer has won you over because they are in business for over 100 years… ‘At least they won’t go out of business’ we think. Not realizing that the business has settled multiple class action lawsuits over the 100+years. It’s Marketing at its best.

What Liability does the local contractor have when they are not giving the warranty?

None. Contractors today sell a Workmanship warranty from the manufacturer. They no longer insure the company (Corporation) properly, insure their men (With roofing worker’s comp), letter their trucks (this helps them hide) or do small (difficult) jobs or repairs. This is how you become the Cheapest Licensed, Insured and A Rated Certified roof installer. Most customers today choose: The best priced Licensed-Insured-Certified-Lifetime system installer. The supplier and the manufacturers are now getting 40% of the roof replacement cost from the majority of my competitors (hacks), where 20 years ago the material cost was 20%. The manufacturers have brain-washed everyone into thinking a ‘5-part system’ is all you need, while hiding the important scientific and legal information in fine print. This has allowed homeowners to choose from Contractors, roofers, siders, fireman with days off, retired men with no experience and of course the neighbor that ‘Is a Contractor.’ To take work from myself and other 2nd and 3rd generation companies. Generations (decades) later, I find myself with a 20-year-old (young) company that is somehow one of the oldest. I’ve watched many multi generation roof companies fail as a result of this corporate greed. Quality and professionalism have been taken over by misleading sales techniques, false warranties and cheap labor used in place of quality service.

Why did homeowners receive only $.40-.60 per sq. ft. in a class action lawsuit to replace failed roofing by a major US roof manufacturer, when the replacement cost is $3-4 per sq. ft.? That’s roughly a 7th of the replacement cost on a material that failed 50% earlier than warrantied.

Because the lawyer was happy with $9,000,000 when they settled the case. The settlement is reached resulting from $4,500,000 in legal research with a $4,500,000 award for the attorneys. Meanwhile some homeowners received $1,200 toward replacement of their failed roofs that cost $8000 to be replaced. This settlement is likely due to the widespread poor workmanship that is clearly listed in the LIMITED Warranty. If the material fails partly because of workmanship or deficiencies in insulation, soffit venting, bathroom fans and other ignored items (during a FREE Roof Estimate), this is clearly a LIMITATION of the Warranty and therefore voids the warranty.

What makes Leak Stoppers Inc. the best choice for roof repairs and installations?

Read this website thoroughly and you will see.

Is there a difference in types of FLASHING?

Flashing comes in the form of aluminum, copper, lead, TAR and sometimes other materials.  Most people assume it is copper. Flashing is a term used for materials at a joint where roofing meets another item.  A common trick in the repair industry is selling someone ‘New Flashing’ and then smearing tar on the area. This is possible because people assume and Repair guys bait and switch (resulting from free estimates and cheap guy wins).  Tar isn’t called tar. It is called “FLASHING CEMENT” or “FLASHING”. That’s the way you sell twice as much tar. Change the name…

We use tar for temporary repairs.  Aluminum flashing lasts for 60-80 years and is used on 90% of our jobs.  Copper is typically used for Bling or long lasting slate and tile roofs (5%).

Should drip edge be installed at the gutter edge?

When drip edge is applied there are seams every 10 feet along the gutter edge. When a certified contractor installs the ice/water shield on the bottom 3-6 feet of the roof the self-adhering rubber is glued to the drip edge pieces. Over time the pieces repeatedly contract and expand at their overlapping seams. The thin rubber protectant is continually stretched and torn until it eventually separates from the aluminum (smooth non porous paint). Leaving the roof edge vulnerable to back up from torrential rain, debris or ice.

When the ice/water shield (comes in 60-foot-long pieces) continues along the bottom 3-6 feet of the roof and continues over the fascia, continuing behind the gutter (without drip edge) there is no adhesive or seams to allow for failure. The shingles create a 2.5 inch dripping edge and the ice/water shield protects. (Period) No need for metal (and more nails).

**All above info is true but effective in 2018 we install drip edge at gutter edges (with ice/water shield under and on top of) as well as eaves to satisfy the manufacturer’s material warranty.

Are GAF and OWENS & Corning Lifetime roof systems the same?

They are alike in many ways. As far as material goes, they both use Owens and Corning fiberglass matting as it is supposed to last 50 years or more without cracking and Owens and Corning has the patent on it. They both drizzle asphalt mixtures derived from oil (likely similar in design as the chemists’ ingredients are not well kept secrets (WIKILEAKS)) and then sprinkle ceramic pebbles from 3M over top, cut up for design, laminate using asphalt and package using robots to assist with manpower.

However, there is one major difference that gives Owens and Corning the advantage. The have a patented material that they do not share with GAF. The Sure-nail fastening strip is unique to Owens and Corning and comes on their Duration Lifetime roof shingle. This material greatly reduces workmanship failure due to poor nail installation. The introduction of pneumatic nail guns along with the newer LAMINATED (2 piece) roofing made for nail blow through holes (holes from over-driven guns), high nailing, delaminating tiles, low nailing and eventually nails under factory seams (resulting from too many (6) nails per shingle). This fabric creates a wider target zone that is impenetrable by the nails’ heads. It also requires fewer (4 instead of 6) nails per shingle to receive the highest (130 MPH) wind warranty. Leak Stoppers is so confident in this material change that we have increased our WORKMANSHIP Warranty to 25 years on our Premium Duration roof system installation.