Long Island Siding Leak Repairs

Most siding is merely a cosmetic covering intended to look nice and protect all underlying layers.  Most new residential construction using cedar shingles, clapboard, vinyl, brick and stucco (Drivet) coverings utilize tar-paper or house wrap (Tyvek) to shed penetrating water over window flanges, drip edges, door flanges or metal roof flashing at bottom of wall which then flows with gravity off bottom window flange, door sill or fascia (at gutter edge) onto ground, into gutter or over felt paper to continue on until finally on the ground.  This can all be done without any caulk or any tar. When installed properly this metal flashing – roofing – vapor barrier (tar-paper or Tyvek) – window/door combo can last up to 50 years.

Repairing leaks from walls can sometimes be repaired with confidence using only caulk or silicone. Knowing when to caulk and when to remove siding for thorough repair is where experience with past jobs comes in.

Other Common Roof Leak Situations

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