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Our Goal: To provide expert analysis with details on the best way to repair any given water-proofing situation, whether it be roofing, siding, windows, skylights, chimneys, masonry or any other external building components.

*When determining the best way to repair a leak we weigh the savings vs. the possible loss, so the customer can make an educated decision to either repair or replace roofing, siding, windows, and chimney pointing… (part of leak diagnostic that we provide). Minor repairs are less to execute but are not always the best (more thorough) way to accomplish the goal. The odds of success and cost of a failed repair need to be assessed before a risky repair is attempted. The customer’s full understanding of possible repair failures is explained. If the risk and possible loss are minimal and the repair has a probability of success the customer needs to know of possible savings. That is where we differ from most salesmen (on commission trained to sell NEW roofing). We do not sell specific products. We offer a range of products and services in order to provide individual customers with the best product or service based on roof condition, budget, and future plans.

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