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07/02/2020 – Daniel B.
After literally years of chasing leaks in my flat roofs, John and his team got rid of all of them and they weren’t even in my roof. He is the leak whisperer! His crew was great and on time, clean and professional. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

07/02/2020 – Angieslist.com
Even though he didn’t do my roof, I will highly recommend leak stopper for any roof related job.

06/24/2020 – Angieslist.com
John and his team are fantastic. They do great work, plus John is so smart and makes suggestions not just for the roof but how to improve the house overall – e.g. air flow, design ideas to pair the roof work with new siding, etc. He even suggests who to research or DIY options if it’s not something his team does. He’s like one of those hosts on HGTV. Total straight shooter too — in some ways he spoiled us as one of the first projects on our home — realizing now not all contractors are such good project managers. Thats also in very large part due to Lauren in their office. Amazing project management — she and John kept us informed at all times how the new roof was going, any challenges, to confirm if we were happy or if there were any concerns, etc. Just save yourself some heartache and pick these guys. Trust me. πŸ™‚

06/17/2019 – Angieslist.com
He did a great job for a great price.

10/29/2019 – Angieslist.com
Owner, John O’Connell, responded to my inquiry right away and was able to come by to assess the issues just as quickly. He was very knowledgeable and honest. He found the problem areas and offered a few options for repair. I appreciated him explaining it all to me and giving me options. The work itself was also started and completed in a timely manner. Any previous leaks I had are gone! Lauren (office manager/receptionist) was also wonderful. She was reachable; accommodating; courteous and trustworthy. Great experience overall. Would highly recommend!

9/23/2019 – Michael J.
I had a leak in my Kitchen ceiling that I thought was fixed but after a bad rainstorm it showed up again. Reached out to Leak Stoppers and they came out and handled it. The owner came out and was great. Fixed within 90 min and at a very reasonable rate. Half way through the job and it started to rain. They finished no problem. Thanks again!

10/17/2018 – Ben P.
John’s crew are the best. They did a fantastic job re-doing my roof – mostly because they took the time to ensure that the deck was in good shape before they started putting on underlayment. John’s whole ethos is focused on prep work, venting and flashing – all the things that will void the warranty on a 50-year roof. He and his guys do the job right so that your expensive roof will last. Since I didn’t have enough money to do my garage, John advised me how to do a good job of it myself. I’d definitely hire Leak Stoppers again.

10/15/2018 – John N.
Just to start off, John explained everything in detail that was needed to be done. He said after inspecting the roof that I needed to replace only half the roof as the other side was good. When I was ready to do the roof I called the office and spoke to Laura. She was very helpful in setting things up and told me who was coming to do the work. Dennis the Foreman showed up with his crew and told me what he was going to do. Any questions I had he answered during the job. When they were finished with the roof, they cleaned up everywhere. Thank all of you great job. Since the work, my neighbors have been asking who did the work, I expect more work on the way.

10/05/2018 – Sandra D.
Very generous with his time. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful. He spent a lot of time with me. Highly recommend.

08/16/2018 – Martin E.
John had previously installed the flat roof. We were having a leak. He came over promptly and immediately spotted the problem. He said that he would send someone over to fix it. The next day two of his crew came over to repair the problem. They quickly and professionally completed the repair. We have been using this company for about 15+ years. They have done multiple repairs at my house and also installed my father in laws roof. They have always been great. We would never use anyone else. Also, John covered the repair under warranty. It is rare in this day and age to find someone so honest and dependable. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

05/16/2018 – Deanna W.
Finally, properly repaired by an expert! Several others tried & failed to do a proper repair. If the occasion were to arise, I would not hesitate to call Leak Stoppers again. The price was fair, and the workers polite & efficient.

11/28/2017 – Carolyn D.
OMG!! John is amazing! I called, he came to the house very quickly for an estimate, told me in 3 seconds what kind of skylights I had, what the problem was, and what was needed to be done to fix them. John is an extremely honest guy, who recognizes that sometimes some issues are expensive and will give you ALL of your options so you can make the decision that’s best for you. In the end, I had him change two skylight tops, even though he said I could get away with doing one of them for a little while, and the others he sealed again with silicone. He even told me about a spot on my roof, that I didn’t even know about, and he had that fixed. The price was very fair, the job was done quickly, and no leaks since. Here is the deal-if you are having ANY leak problems having to do with your roof or skylights, THIS is the man to call!! If I had known about him years earlier, I would have had him do my entire roof. It’s not leaking, but at least I would have been confident that I had chosen the best company for the job.

10/04/2017 – Aaron S.
excellent work, excellent cleanup. very professional. neighbors actually came over to say they had been watching and everybody was meticulous.