Long Island Valley Leak Repairs

Valley Leaks

Leaks in or near valleys are some of the most difficult leaks to track down and repair. Experience and understanding of the leaks frequency can help determine if the valley is leaking or if the roofing above the valley is leaking (and then showing at the valley).

When roofing a home, we recommend a closed valley system where the tiles overlap at the valley with ice/water shield underlayment underneath for added protection. As water runs down your main roof and picks up speed when it comes to a closed valley, the water runs onto the adjacent underlying roof. If 2 roof pitches are equal in pitch and size the water will cancel out at the valley. If wind blows water under the overlapping roof at the seam, gravity will eventually pull water back down (as long as the valley is shingled properly).

The visual inspection by a professional roofer includes knowing where all factory seams are to find possible seam on seam mistakes and determine where shingles stop beyond they valley (measuring 1 yard (meter) from last visible seam). Factory seams should never be in the valley area. If it is determined that the roof is in good shape, but the valley is improperly installed, re-shingling 2 feet out on each side of valley with ice/water shield and new roofing will be recommended. If the valley looks good but the roof is questionable, new roofing entire section (or roof) will be recommended. Roof cement (tar, flashing cement) should only be used for temporary relief.

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Other Common Roof Leak Situations

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