Long Island Negative Air Repairs

Negative air is a term used when Attic fans, restaurant fans, HVAC units, and escaping hot air leave a building or home, creating a vacuum. In some cases, this negative air creates fast moving drafts. These drafts when combined with tiny rain drops (fog, mist) cause intermittent leaks that are often impossible. Rain is literally “sucked” into non-powered vents, air handlers, chimney stacks, and other openings.

Our knowledge and thorough leak inspections/diagnostics will help identify negative air as well as other visible roof issues.


Roof coatings are very popular today as Many failing low slope (flat) roofs already have 2 or more layers. Building code allows for up to 2 layers of roofing, requiring building owners to strip their roofing to the deck and start over. These projects can cost $9-20 per sq. ft. based on size, height, lay-out and Specs. In some cases, where the roof is not terribly failed, maintenance to the existing membrane with application of coatings can be done to extend the roof life and avoid this disruptive and costly job (for between $5-8 per sq. ft.) with manufacturer warranties of up to 20 years on labor and coating.

Other Common Roof Leak Situations

Click the links below to read about other common leaks that can affect your home.

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