Please See Below For Our Guarantees Offered

Repair Warranties

1 Year Workmanship warranty: labor to repair re-occurring leaks or defects in visual appearance of work is covered at no charge. Ex: minor jobs like caulking a window or replacing blown off roofing.

5 Year Workmanship warranty: labor to repair re-occurring leaks or defects in visual appearance of work is covered at no charge for 5 years. Ex. All major (thorough) jobs involving inspection and repair of all roofing, siding, windows, flashing, etc. above leak area.

1 year Limited warranty: 1 free visit or half credit to guaranteed solution if problem reoccurs. This is for small jobs that have an 80-98% chance at fixing leak with large savings, rather than go for bigger (more expensive) job with a 5-year Leak repair warranty (98% effective and fully guaranteed).

New Roof Warranties

10-years Workmanship (leak) warranty: covers all labor costs to repair defects in our work at no cost to homeowner. This warranty comes with most flat roof installations and basic pitched roof installations.

The industry’s only UNLIMITED 25 year No-Leak Workmanship warranty: covers all labor costs associated with repair to any improper installation of roofing materials.

***This Extended Warranty comes with Factory certified Lifetime Duration roof systems (We inspect roofing, siding, ventilation, insulation, sheathing, fascia to custom tailor a Lifetime roof system with our 25 year NO LEAK Warranty).

****No other company (that we are aware of) warranties the workmanship at chimneys, skylights, wall flashings, gutters with their roofs for this long a period. They are often in a rush (doing job in 1 day or half day with a mob of day laborers) to get job done or lack the ability to address complex areas (crickets, chimneys, skylights, siding, window flashing, etc.) above roofing.

Manufacturer Warranties

PLEASE NOTE: Lifetime Timberline systems with a Systems Plus 50 year NON Prorated warranty on LABOR and Materials covers material defects and the LABOR to replace defective shingles. This means the manufacturer is willing to pay for everything if the roof fails. This is by far the best warranty in the industry. They LIMIT the warranty (See Warranty) by requiring proper installation technique, proper (GAF) materials, proper insulation, proper intake and exhaust ventilation in order to protect sheathing and roofing from condensation, rot and excessive heat.

They LIMIT the warranty to negate the warranty.  See our blog post to read about the numerous class action lawsuits SETTLED by the manufacturer of the LIFETIME LIMITED Warranty.