The Leak Stopper Difference

Unlike all other Large and Established Roofing Outfits (in business for 20 or more years), we Provide Service before Sales. Properly insured and employed roofing companies demand constant work (large sales volume) to keep the team FUNDED (shops, trucks, workers comp, liability, office staff…). Companies that grow too quickly (too big) often upsell a repair into a roof to compensate for their companies’ large overhead. Many large roofing companies today openly say they Do Not do repairs. Small (newer companies) have much less overhead, making competition on small jobs difficult (as these smaller new companies underbid due to low overhead and lack of experience. This is what forces most established ROOFING COMPANIES to avoid small jobs and repairs (teaching their sales team to sell new roofs only). To keep costs down on small jobs, we implement a service call that eliminates FREE labor, so Paying customers are not paying for other non-paying customers SERVICE CALLS. All repairs are billed at a fixed hourly rate with most jobs pre-priced, based on a technicians estimated labor and material cost. This efficiency enables a Service technician to Repair a leak or document a non-roofing issue without worrying about his sales commission. This is the LEAK STOPPER DIFFERENCE.

When you do not know what you need and think your roof looks good or has not reached its expected life, this is where we stand alone as an established ROOFING COMPANY. Our service department is as strong as ever. Since 1999 The owner (Johnnyleaks) has targeted leaks, gaining experience (exposure) and solving many leak mysteries. John combines weather patterns, science and experience to solve all leak challenges and company flaws to constantly improve his team (product). This 20-year span of ACCOUNTABILITY is the LEAK STOPPER DIFFERENCE.

When you know you need a new roof, we like our competitors have ‘Factory trained roof Salesman’.  Another difference is our Salesman have been trained (our 4 service techs have 19,18, 16 and 8 years’ field experience working for Leak Stoppers Inc.) to REPAIR LEAKS and their proposals are overseen via the owner John through pictures, video and 3D Imaging (drones), remote video feeds, thermal imaging and group discussion. This is the LEAK STOPPER DIFFERENCE.


Understanding what materials to use and when to use them comes from Service (EXPERIENCE). Manufacturers do not provide service or experience and therefore do not have the ability to train technicians on leak analysis. They can Certify that we know how to install, but that does nothing when a leak needs diagnosis and/or the roof is not expired. Factory trained really means Factory trained Roofing Salesman or Factory trained Installer. They do not train us on why roofs fail or how to prevent failure. This knowledge is learned and taught in the field while doing work and conducting numerous repairs.

With 20 years in business, our facility, full time secretary, Fleet of vehicles and 10 full time employees dictate a more robust overhead capable of sustaining the business for 20 or more years. Quick and cheap cannot sustain a business where roofs are meant to last 20-30-50 years. For roofs and repairs to last it takes professionals not sub-contractors.

Proper analysis always comes before the sale at Leak Stoppers Inc. Corporate America can keep their BS titles for high sales. We sleep better at night and prefer to be the best and most-honest over the best-selling. That is the LEAK STOPPER DIFFERENCE!!!