Manufacturer Titles

Here’s an example of how Corporate America uses the internet to get you to click on their employees (contractors), who always sell their (bosses) material even though the material getting replaced is a prematurely failed material from likely the same company (who has over 5 class action lawsuits).  Customers would never hire me if I had 1 Lawsuit never mind 5.

  • Certified
  • Master elite
  • Presidential

Above is a list of Contractor titles given by GAF to distinguish between GROSS VOLUME OF SALES***


About 10 years ago (when Angie had control of her list) we reached approximately 250 ratings and we had become the highest rated roofer.  Around the same time, I was paid a visit (to my office) by a GAF Regional rep. Super proud of my accomplishment I requested entry into the MASTER ELITE program with GAF as I had been CERTIFIED for over 10 years and just proven that We had the best service Department on long Island.  The rep told me we were only buying $250,000 in roofing and would need to buy $500,000 in GAF materials to be called Master Elite. He recommended I stop fixing leaks and use my name to sell roofs. He didn’t want the best repair company on his team. He needed another roof salesman.

It’s 10 years later, we are still one of the biggest companies and one of the last legitimate ones that letter trucks and put men in uniform.  We even have a shop, office and secretary. We’ve stopped trying to be Master Elite (Owens and Corning roofing is way better). We do not need their title.  Educated customers that read my site and research my industry will see that most GAF certified contractors are really just men who work for GAF.

I used to blame Corporate America for the problems in my industry.  Now I blame society. I realize today, it’s not GAFs responsibility to police the contractor.  It is our local Consumer affairs and politicians. GAF is doing what they have to do to sell their product.  They use as many contractors as possible as well as HOME DEPOT to sell Product. They are successful and selling and create profits for the shareholder.  Improperly licensed, temporary and often poorly insured companies go in and out of business.

80% of our consumers choose (or prefer) an inferior roof product.  They are mis-lead to believe All Certified Contractors are the same and we all install the same LIFETIME SYSTEM.  With this mind set they pick the middle to bottom priced Certified installer. We are all selling 50 year (LIFETIME ROOFING) to customers, 80% of which are planning on selling within 10 years.  When they get the price to include all necessary options to protect from the MANUFACTURERS LIMITED WARRANTY they talk about leaving (retiring or moving) and not needing a roof that is ‘THAT GOOD’.  So with 80% of consumers picking the wrong Contractors (because we all look and sound the same) selling the same ‘5 PART LIFETIME TIMBERLINE ROOF’, the pool of companies has deteriorated to ‘Professionals that aren’t criminals’ (AKA HOME ADVISOR).  This has created men with no employees that name their roofing companies XYZ Contracting. So now a one-man company that sells 3 roofs a week and subs all the work to another new and temporary company (also without roofing insurance) can be a MASTER ELITE Installer based only on sales volume.  Imagine that, Leak Stoppers has 7 lettered Trucks, 20-year-old company, 10 Full Time Employees.

Let the buyer BEWARE.