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In some cases, fixing a roof leaks is as easy as plugging a hole with some tar or fixing a blown off tile.  Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the case. Roofing is much more complex than people think. This is why so many roofers fail.  Roof failure or leak repair analysis often involves the Understanding of how often leaks occur related to wind, roof pitch, overlap, the type of precipitation, Negative-Air, Condensation, attic venting, wind currents, Topography, plumbing, different materials, and many other variables.  To help with proving theories in roof science, we collect data to create statistics in this field. Our 20 years of documented repairs combined with our staff’s 120 plus combined years’ experience help us to better repair or replace roofs today.

Leak Diagnostics Bellport NY

Diagnostics are done through investigation of facts found on site, provided by weather history and by details the customer gives related to leak frequency….  The time it takes for a leak to drip once precipitation has started, current form of precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, size of precipitation (mist, fog, drizzle, large rain drops) and understanding possible sources during a lack of precipitation is necessary to properly diagnose all leaks.  Improper diagnostics can waste thousands of dollars. When proper diagnostic can distinguish between a roof leak and an internal air conditioning leak (clogged pan, leaking door panel or clogged filters), it is important that all clues (answers) be sought out to ensure the best (quickest and most cost effective) results.  Knowing when a roof needs repair, maintenance or replacement takes experience in all 3 of these roofing related services. Through diagnostics and proper guidance our staff can help all customers effectively address all of their roofing service or replacement needs. When leaks take a while to start and then stay a while, they are likely traveling from somewhere else (between roof layers possibly 100 or more feet).  Understanding how many layers, the pitch of the roof framing and the direction of steel decking with a good set of eyes is vital to tracking these leaks. When a visual inspection is inconclusive we utilize night-time thermal imaging to detect hidden moisture. Leaks occurring only during certain wind conditions are likely to be found on a/c ducts, walls and roof edges. Leaks occurring only during hot summer days can be related to the integrity and proper service of roof top air conditioners, ducts and fans.  The lack of proper balance of exhaust vents versus intake (make up) vents and improper maintenance of these units can cause rain to be sucked into a building. These leaks are hard to fix as the frequency of occurrence and lack of knowledge, related to air handlers, causes many roofers to make un-necessary and sometimes expensive repairs to roofing.

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Best Roof Leak Repair Services Bellport NY

1. Inspect the Roof: Before starting any repair work, its important to inspect the roof and identify the source of the leak. Look for missing shingles, cracks, or any other damage that may be causing the leak.

2. Clean the Roof: Clean off any debris or dirt from the area of the leak. This will make it easier to identify and repair the source of the leak.

3. Repair the Leak: Depending on the type of roof and the source of the leak, the method of repair will vary. Some methods include replacing shingles, patching cracks, and sealing around vents or flashing.

4. Check for Further Damage: After the leak has been repaired, its important to check for any further damage that may have been caused by the leak. This can include checking for water damage on the interior of the home or other signs of damage such as mold or mildew.

5. ReInspect and Clean Up: Once repairs have been completed, inspect the area of the leak to ensure that it is fixed. Then, clean up any debris or materials that were used in the repair process.

This service is designed to quickly and effectively repair roof leaks. We provide a comprehensive approach to roof leak repair, including the assessment of the roof, identification of the source of the leak, and the necessary repairs to prevent future leakage. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to handle any size repair job, and can provide solutions to all types of roofing materials. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your roof is properly repaired, and that your home or business is safe and secure.

Roof Engineering

Design of a building’s roof using today’s building code to provide insulation, efficiency, water drainage and protection of the building and contents against forces of nature taking into account the surrounding topography and building size (height). Most people associate Roof engineering with leak analysis. Engineers are not taught how to analyze leaks. Through school they are taught the fundamental concepts of physics, gravity and wind, but knowing how to interpret the effects of these properties in relation to today’s building materials takes experience, analytical thinking, good detective work (and sometimes a little imagination). The founder of Leak Stoppers was educated in Computer Science engineering before switching to a business and accounting major. Science and engineering knowledge are critical in achieving a complete understanding of all possible leak scenarios, however experience is necessary to tie together the learned science, evidence, and information available on a job site to create a thorough analysis. It is through natural science that our company founder bases his leak theories (analysis). He has tested, refined and proven his theories over the last 20 years while building this company. Utilizing natural science and years of Experience working on Leaking Bellport structures for over 30 years, he now can provide an explanation and possible Solution to any given leak situation.