Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meters & Drone Technology

Leak Stoppers combines its own data with Artificial Intelligence (based off High Definition Photography) provided by Self Driving Aerial drones.

Piloting in for a close view or self-performing a pre-set flight, today’s drones can detect roof damage while capturing accurate measurements (for fair and equal pricing). These accurate measurements, safely executed inspections and multiple layers of analysis (through science and software) combined with our company’s knowledge of recent weather and basic laws of science, make us one of long Island’s Leading Roof Consultants. 

Automated night-time flight combined with Thermal imaging can be layered over a daytime flight to show wet insulation, possible points of water entry as well as flaws in a buildings Envelope related to energy efficiency (energy loss). Monitoring presence and levels of moisture also help with infrequent and puzzling leaks helping to end long term issues where others have failed.